You’ve found your way to the blog written by me! My name is Elisse, and I believe that the only failure is to learn nothing from a situation; that a baseline of health is an achievable and affordable goal; that our children’s lifespan should not be shorter than our own; and that the toilet seat’s position is not a political statement.

I’m studying to be a secondary teacher down the bottom of Australia, with the help of my three amazing kids and awesome husband-to-be and dog.

Our journey into the rabbit hole of health has had a few different starting points, but the biggest reason fuelling our research and self-experimentation is our middle child, who is on the autism spectrum. With the motivation of bettering his life – and by extension ours – we have looked far and wide for ideas to improve our health and happiness.

This blog is full of ideas, stories, rants, recipes, and the occasional spot of whimsy. I hope it helps to fuel your journey into the rabbit hole.

It’s a crazy world down here, but a magnificent one.



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